Simply dilute the concentrated product at a ratio of 5 parts of water to one part WET&FORGET®. Spray over the surface. It will kill the mould and other gunge, then the action of weather, sun wind and rain will wear it away. WET&FORGET® has a residual effect, preventing re-growth for a period of approximately 1 year.

WET&FORGET® can be used on concrete, paving, gutters, downpipes, garden edging, shade sails, outdoor furniture, letterboxes and much more. It does not contain chlorine bleach, it is pH neutral, it is not acidic or caustic. WET&FORGET® is biodegradable and earth friendly.

Anywhere that warm moist conditions exist on exterior surfaces, moss, mould algae and lichen will grow. Removing it with a pressure cleaner is time consuming and wastes precious water. Pressure cleaning also wears away the sand out of the concrete degrading the surface, creating more surface area for more mould to grow. Using chlorine bleach gives an instantaneous clean surface but the mould grows back quickly, and chlorine is harmful to our environment.

WET&FORGET® is left on the surface, therefore is ok to use during water restrictions and, in fact, is recommended by the Sydney Water Enquiry Line.

WET&FORGETĀ® is available in the following sizes for domestic application:

Ideal for general home use. Dilute 5:1 with water to treat 40 sq m* (2L) RRP $49.00 and 100 sq m* (5L) RRP $99.00 depending on the porosity of the surface to which the product is applied. (* depends on the amount of growth and porosity of the surface undergoing treatment.)

Enviromart Australia is the Queensland distributor of WET&FORGET®

Commercial enquiries welcome.

2L & 5L Concentrate packs