The following are our range of composting products. Please contact us if you have any enquiries about these products.

Composting Products


Bokashi is an odourless bench top kitchen composting system. The unique fermentation process utilizes Effective Microorganisms to produce an anaerobic compost.

Bokashi composting will allow you to compost meat and fish waste as well as your fruit and vegetables. Anyone can do Bokashi composting! It is ideal for homes, apartments or office buildings.

Elderly or disabled people find Bokashi to be far easier than trying to dig or turn traditional compost systems. In wet weather you don’t get wet trying to empty the compost!

After placing food waste in the Bokashi bucket simply sprinkle a small amount of Bokashi mix over the food scraps and press the waste down. When the bin is full, place 2 hand-fulls of Bokashi mix over the food waste and leave for 10-14 days. Empty the finished compost mix into a trench in the garden and cover with soil. Composting will continue in the garden.

A 1 kg bag of Bokashi mix will fill the Bokashi bucket 3 to 4 times.


The ‘Earthmaker’ is a large 3 stage compost processing system. Heat is absorbed into the system which then rises, drawing fresh air in through the ventilation holes in the base of the bin.

Fresh waste is added to the bin through the lid on top and as the organic material breaks down into finer particles it spills through from one level to another. The finished compost is retrieved from the base of the bin.

Garden Oz Compost Bins

Garden Oz Compost Bins are available in 2 sizes: Junior 210 Litre and Jumbo 340 Litre.

Modular kit, flat packed for easy transport. Never fill system. Fresh waste is added through the top and the finished compost is retrieved from the easy access doors at the base of each side.

Rotoplas Compost Tumblers

Rotoplas compost tumblers can process your organic waste in just 14 days. This is an excellent system for anyone living where vermin may be a problem as the drum is a sealed container. Simply turn the bin each day to aerate and mix the composting organic material.

The tumblers come in a variety of sizes to suit the smallest to the largest household. 200 Litre, 300 Litre and 400 Litre.