Climate Control


The following are our range of dehumidifying products. Please contact us and quote the order code of the product you are interested in for more information.

Dehumidifying Products

Cli~Mate Mini Dehumidifier

Order Code: CCD001

  • Removable 500ml water tank
  • Super quiet operation <40db(A)
250ml (@ 85% relative humidity)
DC 12V
220mm x 150mm x 120mm

Cli~Mate Midi Dehumidifier

Order Code: CCD002

  • Super quiet operation <40db(A)
600ml (@ 85% relative humidity)
DC 12V
470mm x 260mm x 220mm

Dampp Chaser™

46 cm — Order Code: CCD006

61 cm — Order Code: CCD003

91 cm — Order Code: CCD004

122 cm — Order Code: CCD005

Perfect for eliminating moisture in wardrobes, cupboards, pantries, boats and storage lockers.

Dampp Chaser Storage Dehumidifiers protect your treasured possessions from mould, mildew, musty odours and rust associated with damp and humidity. Once positioned Dampp Chaser is a maintenance free system which automatically works to eliminate moisture.

Available in 4 sizes:

46 cm (18")
Suitable for area of 2 m³ (12 watts) ie Small storage of camera lenses and photos
61 cm (24")
Suitable for area of 2.7m³ (15 watts) ie Single wardrobe
91cm (36")
Suitable for area of 5 m³ (25 watts) ie Linen Cupboard
122 cm (48")
Suitable for an area of 6 m³ (35 watts) ie Double wardrobe