Dry Fertilisers

Katek Super Growth

Pellets 35 kg — Order Code: GDD009

Pellets 16 kg — Order Code: GDD013

Granules 30 Kg — Order Code: GDD008

Super Growth Fertilizer is a superior composted fertilizer product available in 35 Kg pellets or 30 Kg granules. An excellent all round fertilizer with good levels of potassium and phosphorus to promote budding, fruiting and flowering.

Composted poultry manure, natural rock phosphate, sulphate of potash, worm castings, blood and bone, fishmeal, seaweed extract, natural gypsum, rock minerals and zeolite.

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Katek Organic Pellets

Order Code: GDD007

A fully composted organic base rich in organic carbon compounds, the major energy source for soil microbes.

Including major and minor trace elements, our products improve soil organic matter and as a result will improve water holding capacity and nutrient retention.

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Searles 5 in 1®

30 Litre — Order Code: GDD002

50 Litre — Order Code: GDD003

Searles 5 in 1® Plus is a brilliant organic plant food containing Cow, Fowl and Sheep Manures, Mushroom Compost, Zeolite, Blood and Bone, hoof and horn plus added Trace Elements and Minerals. Mix one part Searles 5 in 1® Plus to three parts existing soil to enrich the soil and provide long term organic nutrients to plants. Flowers and vegetables respond extremely well to this product.

Because Searles 5 in 1® Plus is in an organic form, when organic fertilisers are subsequently applied, the existing humus and organic material store the new nutrients resulting in a ‘slow release’ effect. Chemical fertilisers have a tendency to leach away very quickly.

Promotes strong healthy plant growth.

  • Promotes healthy vegetables
  • Promotes better flowering
  • BFA Certified fully organic to Australian and worldwide organic standards
  • Natural organic plant food and garden fertiliser
  • Retains soil moisture, keeping the root system cool, which also saves water and watering time
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations around the root system, maintaining a healthier environment for plant growth
  • Adds a long life humus build up to the soil, encouraging microbial and earthworm activity
  • Contains organic slow release blood and bone
  • Contains Zeolite for greater fertiliser efficiency
  • Searles® quality guaranteed product

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Searles 5 in 1® Plus Pellets

Order Code: GDD001

Now in pellet form. Ideal for flowers, vegetables, fruit, garden beds, pot plants and lawns.

  • BFA Registered 100% organic and natural
  • Premium high nutrient organic fertiliser
  • Promotes strong healthy plant growth
  • Promotes brilliant blooms
  • Promotes rich, healthy fruit and vegetables
  • Natural organic plant food and garden fertiliser
  • Adds long life humus build up to the soil, encouraging healthy microbial and earthworm activity

Searles 5 in 1® Plus Pellets is a superior quality, composted plant food, using high quality natural ingredients. They are a very rich source of organic nutrients in a simple and easy to use form. They provide a full complimentary range of major nutrients, trace elements and minerals to promote strong and healthy plant growth, brilliant blooms and beautiful fruit and vegetables.

Searles 5 in 1® Plus Pellets contain Blood and Bone plus Hoof and Horn, Fish and Seaweed nutrients, Potash bloom booster, composted animal manures and a full compliment of trace elements and minerals.

Available in Kilograms.

Searles® Blood & Bone

8 Kg — Order Code: GDD005

20 Kg — Order Code: GDD006

8 Kg or 20 Kg

BFA Certified level ‘A’ 100% organic.

  • Contains pure blood and bone
  • Provides high 8.5% nitrogen
  • Organic slow release fertiliser
  • Promotes strong, steady plant growth

Searles® Blood & Bone is a great organic fertiliser for many areas of gardening. It provides a slow release source of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, three nutrients essential to plant growth.

Searles® Blood & Bone is an excellent fertiliser for many plants, ornamentals, shrubs, trees, etc. It is also an excellent fertiliser for flowering plants.

Simply mix about 10–20% of Searles® Sulphate of Potash with the Blood & Bone before applying to flowering plants. This is also excellent for fertilising bulbs.

Acadian SSE

2.5kg — Order Code: GDF002

5kg — Order Code: GDF021

Acadian SSE is a pure extract of fresh Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed which is a storehouse of over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids. These active ingredients include such trace minerals as boron, molybdenum, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, silicon, and cobalt, which are chelated in a natural form.

Acadian SSE also contains low concentrations of naturally occurring growth promoting substances such as Cytokinins, Auxins and Gibberellins.

Used frequently during the growing period, Acadian SSE will enhance plant root and stem development, as well as colour and general vigour.


100g — Order Code: GDF008

Eco-Cweed contains a range of naturally occurring plant hormones which stimulate certain responses within plants, such as root and shoot growth. It also contains 16% potassium which enhances flowing and the size of fruit.

Eco-Cweed contains anti-oxidants which strengthen cell walls , prevent water loss and delay the breakdown of plant tissues. This results in a longer shelf life for fruit, vegetable and flowers and helps plants cope with extremes in environmental conditions such as drought and frost, Eco-Cweed reduces transplant shock. Sustainably harvested.

Nutri-Store Gold™

Order Code: GDD004

1 kg per 1–4m²

A “fusion fertiliser” covering all bases — physical, chemical and biological. A fertiliser, soil conditioner and microbial inoculum all-in-one.

NTS have developed a complete fertiliser covering every aspect of plant and soil nutrition. Nutri-Store Gold™ is the bridge between conventional agriculture and organics, literally containing the best of both worlds. This new generation fertiliser epitomises the Nutri-Tech approach toward high yield, sustainable agriculture. Fusion farming is the key to maximum production, crop quality and real fertilisers, which build soil fertility while feeding both the soil and the plant.


  • A total fertiliser involving over 20 components.
  • A “living fertiliser”, where organic acids and micro-organisms have complexed the component minerals and nutrients.
  • Organic carbon and minerals build crop quality.
  • The largest selling NTS home garden fertiliser.
  • The perfect ‘complete’ option in the absence of a soil test.

Refer to table for NPK ‘Nutri-Store Gold’.

Nutri-Store 180™

Order Code: GDD012

A microbe-rich, high-carbon, composted fertiliser addressing the carbon depletion too common in contemporary agriculture.

Nutri-Store 180® involves bituminous coal being converted into organic carbon, the element most lacking in conventional agriculture. The new generation fertiliser also includes colloidal phosphate, fish protein, cow manure and a secret vitamin and mineral formula.

Nutri-Store 180® has been a highly successful base for Nutri-Tech Prescription Blends™ since 1995.


  • Sustainability
  • Increased yields
  • Improved soil structure
  • pH-stability
  • Microbe health
  • Increased drought resistance
  • Carbon holds four times its own weight in water
  • Detoxifying and purifying
  • Increased humus production
  • Reduced leaching
  • Better quality produce
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Rapid, balanced growth
  • Increased soil paramagnetism

Min Plus

10 Kg — Order Code: GDD011

20 Kg — Order Code: GDD010

BFA Certification

All products marked with this symbol are Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).