Eco Kettles

Switch the jug on! And save water, time and energy?

Did you know that boiling water in a 3kw kettle consumes the same amount of energy as 50 light bulbs , but don’t let that stop you having a cuppa!

Until now conveniently measuring the correct amount of water to be boiled in your kettle has not been easy. It is estimated that on average we boil twice the volume of water required every time we put on the jug. This means twice as much time and double the energy required to boil your water.

The following are our range of Eco Kettles. Please contact us and quote the order code of the product you are interested in for more information.

Eco Kettle

The Eco Kettle is the alternative method as it has an internal reservoir that holds a full capacity of water ready for use and a measuring button which allows any quantity of water to be released into a separate boiling chamber from one cup to the full capacity.

The result is the exact amount of water required every time you boil the kettle without any wasted water or excess energy.

Trials in the UK by the energy saving trust estimated that the Eco Kettle uses 31% less energy than normal kettles on the market today.

  • Unique patented eco-friendly technology
  • 8 large cup capacity
  • 2200w fast boil element
  • Scale filter
  • Cordless Base