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Neo Insect Trap


Neo Insect Outdoor Trap — Order Code: API017

Neo Insect Indoor Trap — Order Code: API018

  • Less than $8 a year to operate 24/7
  • No zapping noises
  • Low noise emissions
  • Scientifically Tested
  • No Chemicals
  • Effective area 60–120m²
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Scientifically Tested

The Neo Insect Trap has been tested locally by the Edward Koch Foundation and has been found to successfully lure and catch sandflies, midges and many species of local mosquitoes including the Aedes egypti (Dengue Mosquito).

Insects even in the dark can easily locate where a person is by sensing the carbon dioxide and heat they emit. Also insects react with extreme sensitivity when near ultraviolet rays and carbon dioxide. Using these properties, the insect trap can decoy and capture insects in the dark, outdoors or indoors by utilizing the ultraviolet rays produced by fluorescent lamps installed inside the unit.

The Neo Insect Trap is a healthy and effective alternative to pesticides and is easily and safely installed in and around the home and gardens.

About 1 million people die worldwide every year as a result of mosquito borne diseases. This figure is increasing every year! Dengue Fever is a serious illness and it is not the only mosquito-borne threat with Ross River Fever also being a common illness throughout Australia and Japanese Encephalitis and Malaria are becoming an increasing threat to our health in Far North Queensland.

To empty the trap, simply turn it off and empty the dead insects, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Then switch it back on. It’s that simple!

The strong oxidization and decomposition capacity of this unit assists to clear the air of smells.

The trap also has an antibiotic effect by killing bacteria and suppressing it’s growth by the strong oxidization effect.

The NEO insect trap is a safe and effective alternative to chemical sprays.

Ridabug Insect Trap

Order Code: API014

Ridabug is a flying insect control unit which is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. It can be either wall mounted or free standing.

It has a built in fan which forces the insects, that are attracted by the ultraviolet light, into the water tray. Just add a few drops of detergent in the water tray, this breaks the surface tension of the water, which ensures the insects drown. The water tray simply slides out for easy emptying and refilling.

No zapping noises when insects caught.

Unit runs on 12 volt power supply, which can be operated from mains power supply, from a 12 v battery or through a car cigarette lighter.

Insects caught include Mosquitoes, Sand flies, Midges, Coddle Moth ( Lawn Grub), Heliothis moth, Monolepta beetle, Fleas and many more.

Mosquito Free Brew

Order Code: API012

Add 100 ml of the Mosquito Free Brew solution into the Ridabug water tray as an added attractant for targeting mosquitoes.

Natural Insect Repellants

  • ‘Mozzie F.O.’
  • ‘Mozzie Net’
  • ‘Lemon Myrtle Insect Protection’

These products and many more are available from Enviromart Australia.


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