Mineral Specific Inputs

Nutri-Phos Soft Rock™

Full season phosphate supply without the lockups. Nutri-Phos Soft Rock™ has virtually no cadmium, is a bio-friendly, colloidal clay-based rock phosphate.

A colloidal calcium phosphate that can never lock up, in stark contrast to all other phosphate sources. This exceptional fertiliser includes phosphorus, calcium, silicon and a rich lode of trace elements. A microbe friendly bio-phosphate, which is an integral part of our soil regeneration program. This is one of the few phosphate sources that do not have problems with the heavy metal cadmium and it becomes plant-available in a fraction of the time involved with reactive rock phosphate. A much cheaper option than DAP/MAP per unit of P.


  • BFA certified version available (one tonne minimum buy).
  • All elements are in colloidal form. This provides ongoing plant-availability and ensures that none of the component elements can ever become locked up.
  • One of the lowest cadmium levels of any phosphate product in the world with less than 1 ppm. All phosphate sources include the heavy metal cadmium in varying levels. This is proving a major environmental problem, with consumers becoming more aware of the problem and demanding cadmium-free produce.
  • Exceptional trace element levels.
  • Helps remineralise soils.
  • Colloidal minerals provide health benefits to soil microbes.
  • Colloidal calcium componenet (24% approx) is much more plant available than limestone.
  • High in silicon. Research suggests increased brix levels in plants are related to the presence of silica.

Nutri-Phos Guano Granules™

Fossilised seabird droppings offer a combination of soluble and slow-release phosphate in combination with dense mineralisation.

Nutri-Phos Guano Granules™ contain phosphorus, which will not lock up and become insoluble. They also contain calcium and good trace element levels, including zinc. Nutri-Phos Guano Granules™ are an excellent option for inclusion in planting blends as a proportion of the phosphate component is citrate-soluble.

Reactive rock phosphate can take two years to release its phosphorus load, and in alkaline soils it will never become plant-available. Nutri-Phos Guano Granules™, by contrast, combines rapid-release characteristics with a controlled release pattern, to ensure adequate phosphate supply throughout the season.


  • Biological farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product — Allowed Input 456AI.
  • Combines rapid-release characteristics with a controlled release pattern, to ensure adequate phosphate supply throughout the season.
  • Ideal for use as a granulated starter P.
  • Contains a percentage of citrate-soluble phosphate and can be used as a highly effective starter phosphate.
  • Unlike chemically treated commercial phosphates, which contain problem levels of the heavy metal cadmium, Nutri-Phos Guano Granules™ are virtually cadmium-free.
  • Ideal for organic growers seeking a soluble phosphate kick-start.

Guano Gold

Phosphatic fertilizer and soil conditioner with micro-biological life.

  • Available Phosphorus — Not Tied Up
  • 50–50 Phosphorus Split
  • Phosphorus Not Water Soluble
  • Active Calcium Availability
  • Directly And Indirectly Adds Organic Matter
  • Improves Water And Nutrient Holding Capacity
  • Active Silicon Availability
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity
  • High Organic Carbon Level
  • Acts As A Soil Conditioner

Diatomaceous Earth

.9–2mm 20 Kg — Order Code: GDY002

Fines 20 Kg — Order Code: GDY001

Huma-Tech Boron Granules

25 Kg — Order Code: GDY006

BFA Certification

All products marked with this symbol are Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).