Climate Control

Moisture Absorbers

The following are our range of moisture absorbing products. Please contact us and quote the order code of the product you are interested in for more information.

Moisture Absorbing Products

Cli-Mate Egg

Order Code: CCM001

  • Prevents Mould
  • Reduces Dampness
  • Eliminates Odours
  • Re-Usable Non-Toxic

Easy to use just place in your wardrobe, fridge, pantry, drawer or under the laundry sink.

The colour panel changes colour from blue to pink to indicate when the egg is full. Place in a microwave oven for 10 minutes on medium heat to dry. It’s ready to use again!

Cli-Mate Sun Sack

Order Code: CCM002

Sponge packs containing a crystallised volcanic mineral which is capable of storing up to 70% of its dry weight in water.

  • Absorbs moisture in draws, shoes, camera cases and storage containers
  • Reusable for 5 years