Pest Control

Eco Neem

100 ml
250 ml

Eco Neem has 2 major effects on insect physiology and behaviour. Firstly, the insect fails to moult (shed their skin) which severely disrupts their growth development and reproduction. Secondly, they lose their appetite and starve.

Eco Neem is not a knock down insecticide. You may notice that the pests are still alive after application, but not feeding so no further damage to the plant will occur. The active ingredient in Neem Oil is Azadirachtin. This is extracted from the seed oil where it is a more stable and more potent.

Eco Neem is diluted in water and sprayed onto plants at 1–3 ml per litre or as a soil drench at 5 ml litre.

Eco Neem is registered for the control of:

  • Two Spotted Mite
  • Aphids
  • Whitefly
  • Fungus Gnats in soil

This product is also registered overseas for the control of:

  • Grasshoppers
  • Curl
  • Grubs
  • Caterpillars
  • Thrips

Eco Oil

1 Litre
5 Litre

The specially formulated blend of essential oils in Eco Oil penetrates the exo-skeleton (skin) and breathing parts (spiracles) of insects reducing their ability to expel carbon dioxide resulting in carbon dioxide poisoning. The thin protective membrane of insects and their eggs is denatured by the oil and surfactants causing dehydration and death.

Eco Oil acts as a mild insect repellent on the leaf surfaces, reducing the chance of re-infestation. Due to Eco Oil’s physical mode of action, there is no potential for insects to become immune to the spray from overuse.

Hence, year after year it will persist in helping gardeners and farmers to control:

  • citrus leafminer
  • mites
  • aphids
  • whitefly
  • scale pests

Eco Oil is a botanical based oil therefore it has a lower potential to burn plants compared to mineral oil based products. There is no withholding period for edible plants. Eco Oil is not harmful to good bugs and will not upset the ecosystem in your garden.


250 ml
1 Litre

Pyrethrum will kill any insect, mite and spider that you spray it on provided the concentration is high enough. But it does not last because sunlight will break it down in hours.

“You can’t kill ‘em any deader than dead. So why use more than you need?”

One of the good things about pyrethrins is that it does not have any residual life. You can only kill the pests that are out and about at the time of the application. Those that come along later may be repelled by the most imperceptible pyrethrins levels otherwise you will have to do it all again.

At very low levels, pyrethrum will repel insects. Somehow, they must naturally know it will kill... so they back off! This is particularly important to bees. They stay well away and do not get killed.

Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait Concentrate

For the control of fruit flies, including Queensland Fruit Fly and Medfly (Mediterranean Fruit Fly), infesting various tree, fruit, nut, vine and vegetable crops and ornamentals and on resting sites, including non-crop vegetation.

Eco Naturalure is the first fruit fly control to combine a unique protein based fruit fly attractant and a highly effective BFA registered insecticide called Spinosad. The product also contains humectants (sugars) which keep the product moist and attractive to fruit fly for up to 7 days.

  • Attracts and kills both male and female fruit fly
  • Controls Queensland and Mediterranean Fruit fly
  • Natural Ingredients
  • BFA Certified
  • No Withholding period
  • Very low toxicity to other insects and animals

Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly Trap

If hung in foliage near fruit early in the season will help indicate their presence and enable early control.

The Eco Naturalure Trap is for monitoring male Queensland fruit fly only. Male Fruit fly are attracted to the trap by a female pheromone impregnated in the wick. An insecticide is also present and kills males once they enter the trap.

As soon as male fruit fly are detected in the trap, Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly Bait Concentrate should be applied to the foliage. Wicks should be replaced every 3 months.

Wild May Fruit Fly Trap Attractant

Wild May Fruit Fly Trap Attractant is a BFA organic certified product which attracts the male Queensland Fruit Fly.

Traps should be in operation throughout the year to monitor activity and not just in the fruit season.

  • Use old soft drink bottles as traps. Place Wild May 20 mm deep in the base of each trap.
  • Place traps upwind in shaded branch on eastern side of the tree approx 1.2 m off the ground
  • 4 Traps per hectare recommended
  • Maintain throughout the year and never let the traps dry out


1 Litre, 5 Litre & 20 Litre

AzaMax is a natural insecticide / miticide produced by a patented process of extracting Azadirachtin from Neem seed kernels. Azadirachtin is one of the most potent natural insecticides known to mankind.

AzaMax exhibits many modes of action against insect pests, but dominantly it is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). IGR’s control insect pests by causing severe disruption to their growth and development. This growth suppression action cause indirect mortality by making the pests unfit and unable to progress through their life cycle or reproduce.

AzaMax is also a strong Anti-feedant due to its ability to block the feeding arousal signal of insect pests immediately after eating or sucking a treated surface.

AzaMax intensifies the pesticidal action of other insecticides by weakening and starving the target pests. AzaMax is particularly beneficial to the efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis (BT’s) and synthetic pyrethroids.

AzaMax is very safe to users, the environment and non-target insects including bees, spiders, wasps and most other beneficial predators and parasitoids. AzaMax allows you to spray today and pick tomorrow.

Efficacy trials on whitefly, two-spotted mite, russet mite, aphids, heliothis, cabbage moth, and cabbage white butterfly in cucumbers, roses, gerberas, tomatoes, cotton, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower have now been completed.