Eton FR250

  • AM/FM, 7 international shortwave radio bands
  • LED light and Nokia compatible mobile phone charger
  • Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery powered by wind up crank handle or use 3 AA batteries.
  • 635 mm speaker, built-in antennas, telescopic antenna for FM and shortwave.
168 x 155 x 64 mm
539 g

Eton Solarlink

  • 4 power sources: solar; dynamo crank charging built-in Ni-MH batteries; 3 AA batteries; or from an AC adaptor (not included)
  • Analog frequency dial with digital display, digital clock function
  • Built-in mobile phone charger (Nokia compatible)
  • Siren and flashlight
  • AM/FM and Shortwave