Conergy Solar Hot Water Systems

The Benefits of a Conergy Solar Hot Water System

  • Energy from the sun is free!
  • Reduce power bills whilst helping the environment
  • Receive up to 90 % of hot water requirements from the sun, with electric or gas boosting supplying the rest
  • World leading design delivering superior quality, efficiency and reliability for a price you can afford
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Breakthrough in roof mounted hot water technology and a choice of roof or ground mounted system
  • Suitable for below freezing to the harshest desert conditions
  • Government rebates available to approved applicants

The Congery Solar Hot Water System Range

Conergy TS series

A breakthrough in technology utilising natural convection to move water throughout the system. The thermosiphon minimises energy requirements while offering a new level in efficient, economical water heating. » Specifications

Conergy Split System

With its rugged design and advanced features, the Conergy Split System is the perfect unit regardless of the level of solar radiation you receive. Every household is catered for with its wide variety of tank sizes ranging from 250 l to 400 l. » Specifications

Conergy Heat Pump

Setting a new standard in efficient, cost saving water heating and using the latest technology, the Conergy Heat Pump provides hot water all year round, while drastically reducing your energy consumption. » Specifications

Information courtesy of the Conergy Australia website »