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Weed Gunnel

Available Sizes:
By the metre in 2 widths 900 mm and 1,800 mm

BFA Organic Certified, Weed Gunnel is 100% polypropylene, non-woven matting, especially designed to block weeds.

Weed Gunnel creates a barrier against weeds around the base of trees, plants, poles and posts while still allowing for natural air and water penetration. Suitable for use with crops, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, pot planters, shrubs around bases of posts and poles and fence lines.

Weed Gunnel is Hydrophilic and UV treated during manufacture. The UV treatment gives the matting an extended life of 3–4 years in full sun conditions or 6–8 years if covered. The Hydrophilic breaks down the surface tension of the matting allowing greater air and moisture to pass through to your soil below.


  • 100% polypropylene
  • 15 grams/m2 in weight x 3 meter width only
  • UV stabilised
  • High light permeability up to 85%
  • High air permeability
  • High water permeability (hydrophilic treated)
  • High strength in both MD and CD direction


  • Protects crops from insect attach (increase the output of yield per plant
  • Protects crops from hard rain and frost damage
  • Reduces the temperature fluctuations between day and night time conditions
  • Provides a mini greenhouse environment due to high air, water and light permeability
  • Makes earlier harvest time


Weed Gunnel can be used in any place where crops need to be protected from insects, high or low temperatures, dry, heavy rains, frost damage etc.